Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Train Your Stitch - Piece Breakdown

A few weeks ago when How to Train Your Dragon 2 came out, I went and saw it opening day. I absolutely LOVED the film. For those who know me, they'll know that Stitch from Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorite animated characters. Well, Chris Sanders, the man behind Stitch, is also one of the men behind the creation of Toothless, another of my favorite characters. Since I'm a big fan of Chris' work, I decided that I wanted to do another mashup piece, this time combining Stitch and Toothless. I started out with several concepts as to what a "Stitchless" might look like.

I wasn't too happy with any of these, so I decided to instead jump right into Photoshop and just begin to sketch. Initially in these concepts I tried to combine aspects of Stitch and Toothless into a new creature. I decided my best approach would be to take Stitch's design and then modify him to look more like Toothless, which resulted in this sketch.

Now that I had a sketch I was happy with, I went back and cleaned up the art.

I was pretty happy with how the lineart turned out so the next step was to add color!

Now that the color was done, the final step was to add a shadow and recreate the How to Train Your Dragon and Stitch Logos

And there we go! The finished piece! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the process behind this one. I plan on doing more breakdowns like this in the future where I include the original concepts.

As always enjoy!


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