Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Are You My Mummy?

So as of yesterday I am completely caught up with Doctor Who! Now there are quite a few creepy episodes in Doctor Who, but one of my personal favorites is the "Empty Child" storyline. I don't know what it is, but something about a child fused to a gas mask is pretty damn creepy. I decided that I wanted to make a poster featuring the Empty Child. As you all know by now I really like typography posters, so for this one I wanted to try something different. Instead of filling up the image with text, I decided to actually make the image out of text. I'm very proud of this piece and I hope you enjoy it!

 I hope everyone has a great New Year and as always enjoy!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013


So unless you are a hermit who doesn't know anything about the internet, which is weird considering you're reading my blog, you've heard of the song "What Does the Fox Say" by Ylvis. There is just something about that song that makes it so catchy. Recently, George Takei posted a something on his facebook that said "What Does the Fawkes Say" and when I read that I knew I had to make a new print! So my question to you is this... what DOES the Fawkes say?



Saturday, December 14, 2013


So as I mentioned in a recent blog post, I have become obsessed with the show Doctor Who. Currently I am in the third season of the shows revival, which means that I am on my second Doctor. While David Tennant plays the character very well, my favorite Doctor still is Christopher Eccleston, who played 9. I'm honestly not quite sure WHY I liked 9 so much, but I have a bit of an obsession with his character, particularly his catchphrase; "Fantastic."

As you all know by now, I quite like Typography posters, so I decided to make one of my favorite Doctor! I plan on making more posters like this in the future, as I get further into the series. I rather like how this one turned out, so I hope you find it equally as...fantastic.

As always thanks for reading and enjoy!



So after posting this piece, I got requested to do a few more! I've now done ones for the 4th and 10th Doctors, and I plan on doing ones for the rest of them as well. Here are the new pieces!

Additionally until I get my website up and running, if you'd like to purchase prints from me, head on over to my art tumblr where you can view all of the work I have for sale!


Monday, December 9, 2013


So in a few days it will be my good friend Chelsea's birthday! Now since she has given me a RIDICULOUS amount of animation help during the time that I've known her, I wanted to paint her something epic for her birthday. So after a conversation about how whenever she says "Indeed" it reminds me of someone super fancy, I decided to paint a ridiculously fancy version of Chelsea. I've always loved those portraits of celebrities that look like Russian generals so I decided to paint one of Chelsea. Here's the sketch I did first

I actually had Chelsea send me of a picture of her posed like this, but I never told her why. After getting it to look like her, I added some details to make uniquely Chelsea. After that was done, all that I had left was to paint it!

I was quite pleased with how it came out. I ended up printing it and getting it framed in a relatively fancy frame. Oh and for those of you worrying that this post will spoil the surprise... I already gave her the gift last time I saw her, since I didn't think I'd see her again before her birthday.

I have to say I'm really enjoying painting portraits and hope to do more soon.

As always enjoy!