Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freelance Fun!

I'm not sure how common this is at other Universities, but my school has this craigslist thing that someone created on facebook. Its a group of about 7,000 members, who sell anything from Beats by Dre to Blacktip Sharks (no I'm serious, check this out!). Every now and then I check out the page to see if there is anything I might want, when I happened to find someone looking for some freelance design work. I got in contact with her and found out that she wanted a logo for the organization she was part of, called I Am That Girl. After chatting about what she wanted, we finally settled on a Facebook banner design instead of a logo. She wanted something girly, preppy, and similar to something you'd see in a sorority. Obviously as a 22 year old guy this was my area of expertise. Initially I went with something that felt more "Greek" but we finally settled on this design, which is much more preppy.

On the same facebook post where the client was asking for logos, I found someone else who wanted a logo made for her club. After getting in contact with her, I found out that her club was the DIY club, and they wanted both a logo and an icon. With this logo, I had a clear idea in mind and immediately went to work. I wanted to make up the letters DIY out of objects you would use for a DIY project. The client really liked that and the only thing she had me change were some of the tools, as she felt that it was a bit too masculine. The last thing she had me do was make up an icon for the club as well, that they could use on posters, banners, etc. In this case, the client had a clear design in mind, and provided me with the background image to use, and the font. These are what we came up with

It was fun doing some freelance work and I know that I will definitely be keeping my eye out on that facebook page for any other future jobs like this. If you have any design needs feel free to send me an email at



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