Sunday, January 25, 2015

Animation Mentor Assignment Two! Part One

Alrighty so another week has passed and another assignment is completed! So I'm actually going to be splitting this post into two parts. The first part will focus on the pose assignment this week, and the second one will focus on the actual animation assignment. With that being said, lets get into this weeks assignment!

For this week, our pose had to convey a sense of excitement. One thing my mentor stressed for all of our pose assignments, was to have a reason for why they are feeling that certain emotion. I decided that the reason that Stu, the rig we used, was excited was because he just found out that he got his dream job! Now that I knew what I wanted Stu to feel, I had to get into sketching out some ideas.

Here are the sketches I did. I ended up liking a few of them so I decided to do two poses this week, with the second one being for extra practice. I decided to use pose #1 as my actual assignment and pose #5 as my bonus.

For this pose I really enjoyed the line of action that it had. as you can see I really exaggerated it past my original sketch. Now my feedback for this pose this week was that the feet felt a bit broken. Ray suggested that I take the camera right foot and pose it a little bit more up (ironically like my initial sketch) and then for the camera left leg to not make it as straight.

For the second pose I did, Ray ended up liking it more than the one I turned in for a grade. Isn't hindsight fun! He liked that this pose, along with some of the other ones I drew, weren't as cliched as a standard jumping up in success pose. He liked the fact that by having the character dancing, it was a different approach to the "excited" idea. His one thing of critique was to be careful of the sense of weight this pose had. Fun fact I actually did this pose to see if I could keep my balance this way and I was able to. Guess that means I have a better sense of balance than most. I should keep that in mind when I pose things for now on haha

Well thats it for this post! I'll have a new post up soon with my animation assignment. I'd love to know if you guys want me to show you all the different versions of the assignment before I had my final product, or if you like me just getting to the final pose?

As always thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


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