Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2014 Animation Demo Reel

Well now that the film is over, I'm allowed to post some of my Animations! This is a placeholder for my actual Animation demo reel as I plan on doing a few more this summer. If you came to the premiere I hope you remember some of these shots and enjoyed yourself!

Josh Janousky Animation Demo Reel - 2014 from Josh Janousky on Vimeo.

As always enjoy!



  1. Hey man, looking pretty good, certainly enjoying the animation I see. Just thought I'd give you a little critique on the reel itself and a few notes here and there on various bits of animation. To start with, I think you have too many shots of the Celestial guy with facial reactions, while they're all good, they're also quite repetitive and I feel like the audience begins to compare your work against itself (which you don't want, you want it to all compliment each other) so I would suggest picking just one of those shots and cutting the rest. I think the shot of the robot dropping into the planet and scanning the plants is your best shot, so I would move that up to the first piece you show, plus it's exciting and grabs the attention of the audience a bit better. I would consider cutting the shots in which you did just the facial animation, because again, it feels repetitive with your previous shots of him. I would also consider cutting the balto clip, unless you go back and really strengthen the lipsynch, the acting itself is fine, but I get a little offput by the way the mouth works (probably more a fault with the rig than your animating).

    When it comes to the animation itself; I would perhaps try to really sell the force grip part of the darth vader line, the silhouette doesn't read very clear and I actually had to watch it a second time to fully understand what was happening there, slightly minor though. Superman is also very evenly paced, and I'm not feeling his weight as much as I should, so maybe try to really focus on how his hips and arms are moving a bit more.

    But other than that your stuff is looking really great, keep up the good work. I hope it don't come off as too critical, but I'm just trying to help you succeed in getting a studio gig.

    Remember, a short sweet reel is all you need to get a job, and this reel feels a little overly padded just give it time. I feel like you could cut this down to about 30-45 seconds and have it be phenomenal.

    1. Thanks man I really appreciate the feedback! As I mentioned in the post, this is just a placeholder because I actually wanted to get feedback on this to decide what to keep, so seriously thanks a bunch! Yeah I was planning on only using one of Gan's facial shots, and the Balto one was just there to remind to replace it with my new BttF lip sync I'm working on. I also deff plan on keeping it shorter. I'm glad you liked the Titan falling shot! I'll move that up as well. Thanks for the other comments too! I really appreciate your help!