Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3D Sculpting!

So for anyone who knows me, they know how much I dislike modeling in 3D. I wish I was better at it, however I feel that my skills aren't up to par. Despite this, I still wanted to be able to make something in 3D so I've decided to look into sculpting. When it comes to digital sculpting there are many programs one can use; Mudbox, ZBrush, or Sculptris to name a few. As I'm used to Maya which is from Autodesk, I decided to try their sculpting program Mudbox. This was my first time really using the program to sculpt, previously I had used it to help me texture some props. It took a while but eventually I had a sculpt I was proud of. This was originally supposed to be a realistic sculpt but ended up becoming a caricature. Once the film is over I plan on doing more digital sculpts, perhaps trying other programs, as I really enjoyed this one!

Thanks for stopping by and as always enjoy!


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