Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celestial Concept Art (Continued)

So this week I was sorta on a roll when it came to Concept Art. I was asked by the two art directors for Celestial, Jackie Malvin and Adrienne Seufert, to do some concept paintings for two of the planets in our film. The first was an updated painting of the planet from last years film Gaiaspora. One of the art directors, Amanda Bell, who I've linked to in the past, did a super quick concept of the planet for me. However, for our style guide we needed a more detailed concept. Since I was in charge of modeling that planet, it fell onto me to paint it! This is what I came up with!

As the planet from Gaiaspora was covered in trash, I painted toxic fumes over the surface of the planet. I think I really captured the essence of this planet.

The other concept I had to paint was Titan's home world, which in the film evolves over a period of time. I was asked to paint this planet in three stages: At the start of its creation, halfway during it's evolution, and finally its evolved form. I wanted to come up with something was different than earth, yet still relatable. One thing that had been a huge inspiration for our planet was the lights from the planet Coruscant. I used that as a basis for this concept.

Additionally I was asked to name the planet, which as you can see I settled on Andronican. The name was inspired by the Shakespeare play "Titus Andronicus." I think that this painting accurately portrays the planet during three separate periods in time.

The final two concepts I did were simply my take on some paintings done by Adrienne. She had some incredible concepts of plants found on one our alien planets that I wanted to paint. I've been really trying to get better at painting without line art, so I used this as a test of my skills. Here are the two plants

I have to say over this past year I have really found that I enjoy painting concept art, and this is something I definitely want to consider doing more of in the future.

As always enjoy!


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