Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My 2014 Compositing Demo Reel

So recently I've been putting together everything I need to enter the real world; Resumes, Websites, Portfolios, and of course, Demo Reels! As you know one of my many roles on Celestial was that of the Lead Compositor. Out of the films 80 shots, I ended up compositing 56 of them, and helped set up the remaining 24 node trees. I went through the film and chose some of my favorite shots that I comped and put together a demo reel. In this reel you guys can get a idea exactly what went into comping the film.

Here it is! My 2014 Compositing Demo Reel

Josh Janousky Compositing Demo Reel - 2014 from Josh Janousky on Vimeo.

As always thanks for stoping by and enjoy!


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